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ZXY6010 ZXY6010S constant regulated 60V 10A 600W DC-DC power sup

ZXY6010 ZXY6010S constant regulated 60V 10A 600W DC-DC power sup

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  010x external expansion interfaces are described in detail:
ZXY6010D / S interface position layout:



Expansion of ZXY6010D / S Interface Description: ZXY6010D / S, has a rich expansioninterface, as follows
No. 1.: J4, switch expansion interface, J4 external power switch on the board must be placed in the OFF state.
2. No.: J12, the left side of the small box from the left to right P1: com, P2:  keys, P3:  keys, P4: <> / M button, P5: the SEL button P6: OUT / OK button.
3. No.: J6, on top of a small box from the top to bottom P1: pin of encoder P1, P2: encoder com, P3: encoder P3 pin.
No. 4.: J3, from the small box on the right from right to left P1: OUT + P2: OUT-power output of lead, disconnect JUMP1, the JUMP2 short-circuit point.
5. No.: J2, left a small box from the left to right P1: CV + P2: CV-, P3: CC + P4: the CC-, P5: OUT +, P6: OUT-. Corresponding OUT indicatorwhich resistor R25, R27 corresponding CV lights, R28 corresponding the CC indicator, change the size of the three resistance, adjust thebrightness of an external indicator.


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