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MDT962B-1A 9" Replacement LCD Monitor for Mitsubishi E60 E68 M64 M64s CN
  • MDT962B-1A 9
  • MDT962B-1A 9
  • MDT962B-1A 9" Replacement LCD Monitor for Mitsubishi E60 E68 M64 M64s CN

MDT962B-1A 9" Replacement LCD Monitor for Mitsubishi E60 E68 M64 M64s CN

  • Model: MDT962B-1A
  • Shipping Weight: 1g
  • 28 Units in Stock


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This product is an industrial LCD monitor, used to replace the 9 inchessingle amber color CRT display of Mitsubishi CNC system M3 M310 M320  E60 M64M64S C64 series. It’s NOT compatible with M5 M500 M520 system because of the signal model . If you need the monitor used on M500 M520systems, We can also offer .You can find from the store. It has the same function and installment size as the original, and donot have the problem of aging.

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Our products all adopt imported industrial LCD panel and power suppliesfrom companies such as SHARP & AUO to ensures that it has a long service life,low failure rate, suitable for working condition of continuous use of 24 hours,without daily maintenance, with exactly same mechanical size of the originalhole site, and can quickly restore production as long as to plug in the signalinterface and power interface. Compared with theoriginal CRT monitor, LCD monitor has advantages of simple structure, lowerpower consumption, little daily breakdown, strong vibration resistance, strongelectromagnetic interference resistance, simple maintenance, light weight, andeasier to standardization, etc.

All models are of regular stock to ensure rapid delivery and some specialuse display can be customized.


Signal interface: 10 pinsprinting plate type signal connector (the same as original M64, E60 systems)

Power supply: AC85-265V

Power: 10W

Display: 8.4 inch TFT LCDpanel, 800*600 resolution, good image display effect, full digital imageadjustment

Shape: all steel high strengthprecision shell, separable OSD adjustment keyboard (option)

Size: 240*160*45 mm

Weight: 1.8 kg

Technical features: rapidon-site installation, plug and play, no debug, no daily maintenance work

After-sales service: 1 year warranty

Original MITSUBISHI CRT display as follows:

Actual product after replacement:

1.     Simple replacement, just 4 fixed screws, a power connector and a signal plug, thisplug in procedure takes less than 5 minutes. The signal plug has no polarityand the circuit board has special processing, you can plug it in both polarity. The power connector has fool-proofdesign, you won’t plug it wrong.

3.     Side viewing

4.     Overall appearance


About color: The CRT monitorof original machine is monochrome amber display, because the host graphics card of M64 E60 CNC systemis just a monochromatic signal, not include the RGB color signal, thereplacement monitor can only display a monochromatic orange signal also (blackand white optional). The input signal is only monochrome signals, it can onlyshow monochromatic although the LCD is TFT true color. For the new CNC system,the graphics card output signal already contains color signals, it will becolor display once connect in. 


Why CRT display will be broken: Normal lifetime for CRT display is generally 10years, like a TV set or computer monitors, and it is normal if your CNC systemmonitor aging after 5-10 years working time, because CNC system monitor alwaysshow the fixed image and the electron beam just shot in the same position, thephosphor powder effect get weaker and weaker till not shine any more, then thecharacters can not be seen clearly in the monitor. As pictures show below, thismonitor always in the position of POS coordinate image, the phosphor powderbecome very thin in the coordinate number position, and can not shine or justshow glimmer under the shoot of the electron beam, the image can not be seenclearly under indoor light.


Processing Time
  • Ships in 24 hours: Processing Time is guaranteed to be shorter than 24 hours.
  • Typical Processing Time: 1 - 3 days

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