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HP ASUS M2NC51-AR HematiteXL GL8E Motherboard mini-ITX

HP ASUS M2NC51-AR HematiteXL GL8E Motherboard mini-ITX

  • Model: M2NC51-AR
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Motherboard specifications table 
Part / Feature Specification / Support 
Motherboard description Motherboard manufacturer's name: Asus M2NC51-AR 
HP/Compaq name: HematiteXL-GL8E

CPU/Processor Socket: AM2 
Supports the following processors: 
Athlon64 X2 with Dual Core technology up to 65 Watt 
Athlon 64 up to 65 Watt 
Sempron up to 65 Watt 

Front-side bus (FSB) 2000MT/s (2.0 GT/s)

Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE 

BIOS features Award brand system BIOS 
Keyboard combination to used to enter BIOS: F10

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