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general 9" LCD display for CNC replace RGB MDA EGA CGA industrial CRT mo
  • general 9
  • general 9
  • general 9" LCD display for CNC replace RGB MDA EGA CGA industrial CRT mo

general 9" LCD display for CNC replace RGB MDA EGA CGA industrial CRT mo

  • Model: KTV804
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KTV804 compatible LCD display general 9 inch for CNCmachine replace old RGB MDA EGA CGA industrial CRT monitor


This productis used to replace a variety of CNC machine set old RGB, MDA, EGA, CGAindustrial CRT monitors, wide compatibility, good effect.
Size 8.4-inch LCD, commonly known as 9-inch display.

KTV804 RGB, MDA, EGA, CGA special industrialmonitors
1,supports the 15k to 48k line frequency signal,unrestricted field frequency input, automatic identification line fieldfrequency input.
2,supports digital RGB, RGB analog and color,monochrome, black and white, grayscale and other video formats.
3,Supports both interlaced and progressivescanning modes.
4,Support for vertical resolution from 160 linesto 600 lines, automatic identification.
5,Support any level of resolution, automaticidentification.
6,synchronizing signal separating support, thecomposite synchronization signal or the composite synchronizing signal on avideo signal, automatic identification.
7, the output signal of the standard 800 x 600VGA 60Hz field frequency or custom resolutions.
8, the input impedance of 75 ohms or 750 ohmsoffer two options, you can adapt weak signal equipment.



KTV804 RGB EGA CGA MDA display

display size

174*131mm 8.4" 4:3

H&V scanning range

scan line signal:15Khz-48Khz positiveand negative automatic adaptation

Field scan signal:48hz-75hz positiveand negative automatic adaptation

Input signal

Signal type


Synchronous mode

HV line field separate,HV line fieldblending Cs,Green sync Sog

TTL digital level 2.4-5.0V or Low 0-0.8V

Analog level 0.7-2.5VP-P

Input impedance

75-500 ohm high input impedance,automatically adapt to a variety of strong and weak signal source.

Scanning mode

Interlaced scan / progressive scan

The signal line

9 pin or 15 pin

Display color

262K, monochrome, black and white

contrast ratio



400 cd/m2

work environment

Temperature: -10-+65,humidity: 20%-95%

Installation size

Including installation of border240*150*50mm

power adapter

External AC100V/240V to DC12V power,power: 18W,
Optional DC 24V power supply


The interface of the display

1. VIDEO IN: used to connect the 15 pin Dsignal line or the 9 pin D signal line input.(choose one only)

2. DC 12V: display power input, used toconnect the power adapter.(can choose 24VDC)



15 pin connector

If you choose 9pin connector

If you don’t know it it’s matching yourrequirement, please send me details about your monitor. Theengineer will advise.

Processing Time
  • Ships in 24 hours: Processing Time is guaranteed to be shorter than 24 hours.
  • Typical Processing Time: 1 - 3 days

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