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5Ps Display High precision Digital Control Regulated Variable DC

5Ps Display High precision Digital Control Regulated Variable DC

  • Model: DPS-305BF
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DPS series digital input adjustable DC power supply is designed for laboratory, school, production lines and electronic repair designed for use. Voltage stability is high, small ripple factor, has improved the short circuit protection and overcurrent protection. Due to the voltage value is a digital keyboard input, shorten the voltage setting time, completely overcome the traditional potentiometer adjustment poor contact caused by voltage instability phenomenon. The internal power supply containing electronic switch, can conveniently open the output load.
BM and CM have function and function difference:
1common features: constant current and constant voltage, constant current and Ma Ma measurements, the output opening, fast voltage all step functions.
2 CM increased function: a quick call10 groups of voltage and current data and storing the user required10 groups of voltage and current data, password lock keyboard, prevent misuse or vandalism operation.
3two power new OCP overcurrent automatic cut-off ( overcurrent automatic stop output voltage ).
Two parameter specification
1, rated working conditions and dimensions
Power supply voltage 220V + 10%50/ 60Hz (110V need to order )
Working conditions:0-40temperature relative humidity80%
Storage temperature: -10-70C70% relative humidity
Dimensions:265x 128 x150mm ( D * W * H )
Weight: DPS303 2.3KG
DPS305 2.3KG
2, regulated state parameters
The voltage output from0to 30V can be continuously adjusted ( to distinguish the value of 0.1V )
The precision of output voltage: + 0.1V
Voltage stability: < 0.01%+3mv
Load stability: < 0.01%+3mv
Recovery time:100uS
Ripple noise voltage: < 1mVRMS (5Hz-1MHz )
Temperature coefficient: < 300PPM / C
In 3, a constant current state parameters
Constant current value:305BM / CM5A Ma constant current maximum500 mA
303BM / CM3A Ma constant current maximum500 mA
Constant current output current from 0 to the nominal value of continuous adjustable ( to distinguish the value of 0.01A )
Constant current output accuracy: + 0.01A ( MA constant current precision: + 1mA)
The current stability of the < 0.1%+3mA
Load stability < 0.1%+3mA
Ripple noise current < 3mARMS
In 4, OCP overcurrent automatic cutoff parameter
OCP current value:305BM / CM5A ( ANN accuracy: + 10mA)
Ma OCP current value is500 mA ( MA precision: + 1mA)
5, current and voltage display accuracy
Voltage display accuracy: + 0.1V ( constant current state )
Current display accuracy: + 0.01A ( constant pressure )
Ma current display accuracy: + 1mA ( constant pressure )
6, storage capacity
Storage and call ten current, voltage data (303 /305 / CM )
Initial has been deposited in the data:1 keys (3V )2(5V ) button button 3(9V )4(12V )5button button button (13.8V )6(15V )7(18V )8button button button (19V )9(20V )0(24V ) current key value is 5A, the user can arbitrarily settings change the desired voltage and current.
In 7, a voltage step range
10V / 1V / 0.1V lifting voltage step
Three panel features

In 1, the front panel
Current display window
Voltage display window
Data entry keyboard ( double function keys are: 0 / mA decimal point / latch / ENT / password4/ stepper
7 /8/9step step / step / step2 /1step3 / step )
Constant voltage / ENT indicating lamp
Constant current lamp
Output indicator
Ma status indicator
Power switch
Output ports:" -" negative polarity ( black )
GND: ground earthing terminal ( green )
Output ports:" +" the positive ( red )
In 2, the rear panel
AC input socket (including insurance tube )
110V / 220V switch ( optional)
Cooling fan ( optional)
Four usage notes
1, the initial state power:
Power every time when energized, the first display888-888digital tube display models, and then, on the display a setting voltage and current values, and finally into the working state and output.
2, the value of the input voltage
A step input
123456keys are 10V / 1V / 0.1V step lifting key, in order to prevent misoperation damage load, lift the 10V must also press 4 and7 or4 and1to lift.
B key input
Column : the need for13.8V output voltage
According to the voltage V respectively by 138press ENT key to finish last.
Column : the need for9V output voltage
According to the voltage V by 9followed by the ENT key is complete.
Column: need to output 4.5V
According to the voltage V by 4.5Finally, press the ENT key is complete.
According to the voltage V respectively by 04.5Finally, press the ENT key and a result is the same as above.
A word with the most complex and the most simple input method the results are the sam

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  • Typical Processing Time: 1 - 3 days

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