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3phase 220V 1000W 1KW 4N.m 2500rpm 130mm AC servo motor drive kit 2500pp
  • 3phase 220V 1000W 1KW 4N.m 2500rpm 130mm AC servo motor drive kit 2500pp
  • 3phase 220V 1000W 1KW 4N.m 2500rpm 130mm AC servo motor drive kit 2500pp
  • 3phase 220V 1000W 1KW 4N.m 2500rpm 130mm AC servo motor drive kit 2500pp

3phase 220V 1000W 1KW 4N.m 2500rpm 130mm AC servo motor drive kit 2500pp

  • Model: LCMT-10L02NB-130M04025B+LCDB2-10
  • Shipping Weight: 1g
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3phase 220V 1000W 1KW 4N.m 2500rpm 130mmAC servo motor drive kit 2500ppr with 3m cable


Package including:




LC 1000w servo motor



LC 1000w servo drive



Servo power cable

Standard configuration (3m)


Servo encoder cable

Standard configuration (3m)



If you need the servo motor with brake,please contact with us.

If you need longer cable for this servo system,please write us .we can offer 5m,10m,15m,20m length cables.

Please leave your email address to get theuser manual of the servo driver if you need.


 Lichuan Servo MotorNaming Rules  

   LCMT - 02 L 02 N B - 60 M006 30 B


·        LCMT--- Product information     

·        02-------- 200W ( 04---400W/  07---750W /  10---1KW )

·        L---------- Motor inertia ( L---low /M---middle )                 

·        02-------- Sensing form ( 01---line savingencoder 2500     02---15 type encoder 2500 )

·        N---------- Without brake (Z---with brake )

·        B--------- only keyway no oilseal ( A---only oil seal no keyway  C---oil seal and keyway )

·        60-------- Frame size

·        M006---  Torque

·        30-------- Speed

·        B---------  B series ( A--- A series /C--- C series )


Lichuan Servo Driver Naming Rules  


    LCDB2 - 02 20 02 - L B 6 22


·        LCDB2-- Product information     

·        02-------- Motor power  (02---200W 04---400W /  07---750W /  10---1KW... )

·        20-------- Peak current ( 20---20A / 30---30A/ 50---50A / 75---75A )                   

·        02-------- Encoder information ( 01---linesaving encoder  / 02---15 type encoder )

·        L---------- Motor inertia ( L---low /M---middle ) 

·        B---------Driver series (A---A series / B---B series / C---C series )

·        6--------- Frame size ( including 6 /  8  /  9  /  110 ... )

·        22-------- Voltage ( 22---single phase 220v /32---3 phase 220v / 34---3 phase 380v )


1000W servo Motor LCMT-10L02NB-130M04025B Parameters Overviews

Motor Model




Frame Size

130 mm * 130 mm

Motor Length

166 mm

Shaft Diameter


Driving Voltage

3 Phase 220V

Rated Torque


Rated Speed

2500  RPM

Positioning Accuracy

0.01 mm





Matched Driver



1000W Servo Driver LCDB2-103002-LB1332 Features

1. Power Range: 1.0kw 1000w

2. Input Voltage: AC 200V-230V , 3 phase

3. Position / Speed control mode

4. With MODBUS communicationperformance(RS-485 / RS-422 / RS-232),

   ASCII and RTU communication protocol

5. Encoder: 2500ppr


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