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3D printer control board GT2560 / 3D printer control panel board

3D printer control board GT2560 / 3D printer control panel board

  • Model: GT2560
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GT2560 will mega2560 and ULTIMAKER integrated on a board, consisting of a compact arrangement of it no matter software or hardware are replaced Mega2560 + Ultimaker Shield combination, it solves the Ultimaker Mega2560 interface cumbersome and prone to failure problems +.
It supports 5-way stepper motor, motor drive section can freely replace the motor module, it has ATmega2560 256kb memory, processor, operating at 16MHz, it can be connected to the serial chip FT232RQ high-performance computer via USB.
Board operating voltage at 12V above, it can output 90W power MOSFET, which has a better compromise stepping motor torque and speed.
In software or hardware, it is compatible with Mega2560 + Ultimaker Shield. And the area it occupies less perfect substitute Mega2560 + Ultimaker Shield.
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